Strategy Creation

  • Supply Base Risk Assessment
  • Global Sourcing and Manufacturing Partnership Strategy
  • Product Development Organization and Process Reviews

Product Development

  • Product Design, Engineering, and Prototyping Services
  • Realization of Quality and Cost Objectives
  • Development Partner Identification

Execution and Deployment

  • Manufacturing Partnership Implementation
  • Quality and Logistics Management
  • Project Management
  • On the ground resources to support Product Launch

Establishing Partnership Criteria

  • Technical & Scaling Capabilities
  • Quality threshold
  • Delivery reliability
  • Agility, Time to Market
  • Total Landed Costs
  • Social Responsibility

Sustainable Value

Mapping sourcing strategy to your product, brand, and market priorities.

We can help you procure competitively from emerging regions for export, procure for local operations, or migrate from established to emerging manufacturing regions.  We have long-standing relationships with a wide base of suppliers across Asia, Latin America, and the US with the deepest focus in China and India.

With an extensive global network of trusted resources, our team can facilitate the execution of your projects from concept through to production. Our service offering includes product development, prototyping, tool development, packaging, logistics, project management, sourcing and supply chain, all with an eye on cost and execution.

partnership map

75 Partnerships Established Across Select Global Regions